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More PE, LEDs & Color
Posted Date: 01/1/2007

The tree industry is in the midst of two major evolutions: the increased use of PE in tree construction and the transition from incandescent to LED lights in pre-lit trees. Both PE and LEDs have been part of the business for the past few years, but suppliers say that improved technologies and decreased costs – always the engines of change in the tree category – are bringing these materials into more widespread use in 2007 tree introductions.

Naturalism & Glamour
Posted Date: 01/1/2007

This year’s holiday foliage introductions bring together two very different style trends: naturalism and sophisticated glitz.

Birds in the Trees
Posted Date: 01/1/2007

Bird ornaments, always popular, are particularly prominent in this season’s glass ornament collections. Suppliers are going beyond the most traditional holiday bird – the Christmas-red cardinal – and are also debuting bluebirds, chickadees, owls, doves, peacocks and a wide variety of other birds in both realistic and whimsical styles.