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Posted Date: 07/14/2014

Navigating Seasonal Displays

Seasonal campaigns are often a great way to garner attention and create positive brand associations. But they must be carefully planned as one poor decision can be the difference between delight and disaster for brands or retailers. Chief Research Officer Rich Scamehorn at Chicago-based InContext Solutions notes as brands face tighter competition, reduced budgets and ever-evolving shopper preferences, implementing successful seasonal campaigns is as difficult as ever.

“Whether it’s for the Fourth of July, Halloween or the winter holiday season, brands have a great opportunity to promote seasonal products and specialties, but they have to be conscious of how their campaigns impact customers,” says InContext Solutions Chief Research Officer Rich Scamehorn.

For example, a recent case study conducted by InContext Solutions analyzed how shoppers would react to seasonal displays that either incorporated the American flag, or through cross-promotional arrangement, appeared in the shape of an American flag. While mostly well-received, a fair number of shoppers were hesitant to take the products for fear of ruining the flag and a small portion of shoppers even found the display unpatriotic.

“The manufacturer needed to understand both shopper sentiment and impact on purchasing behavior before releasing a seasonal product. Without the insights, the client would have risked alienating shoppers and reducing sales lift during a crucial holiday period for the brand,” continues Scamehorn.

In another example, InContext Solutions found that a connection to the season is important to shoppers. With seasonal secondary displays, the category sales remained somewhat static, but the overall brand was positively impacted by holiday display marketing. Consumers connected with the messaging and associated the brand with the holiday, providing an emotional bridge between the season and the products. In other words, associating displays with a holiday can lead to a positive impact on sales, brand awareness and loyalty.

For more information, visit www.incontextsolutions.com.

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