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Posted Date: 02/9/2016

Mark Feldstein & Associates Announce Coca-Cola License Agreement

Mark Feldstein & Associates, inc. (MFA), a 30-year Product Development Company and Importer of innovative giftware, seasonal décor, housewares and electronics, announced that it has entered into a license agreement with Coca-Cola® to market a series of Glass Wall Clocks, Christmas Carol Desk/Wall Sound Clocks, Power Banks and LED Nightlights.
“Coca-Cola is an iconic brand that has always been an influential part of our culture creating the perfect formula for the development of a series of new products,” said Mark Feldstein, President, Mark Feldstein & Associates, inc. “Combine that with its position as the most universally-recognizable brand name in the world, we anticipate that our Coca-Cola products will become an integral part of our product line.”
MFA’s 12-inch Round and Square Glass Wall Clocks feature iconic Coca-Cola advertising imagery on their dials that are guaranteed to add a timeless retro look and style to your home décor.  Our 8-inch Sound Clock dials are surrounded by the famous Coca-Cola Santa and Polar Bear, and play one of twelve Christmas Carols at the top of each hour adding ambiance to the festive occasion.
MFA’s Coca-Cola Clocks are the latest in a long tradition of innovative and unique products from MFA, including the well-known Original Singing Bird Clock, and other themed-sound clocks licensed by a variety of companies including Audubon™, Avanti Press, PEANUTS™, Thomas Kinkade™, Wild Wings and many others. MFA has also introduced innovative products such as Flameless LED Candles, Canisters & Lanterns, and the Illuminator Windup Flashlight.
For more information, visit www.markfeldstein.com.

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