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Posted Date: 01/4/2016

Holiday Trends Face a New Year & New Perspective

Dorothy Creamer, Editor

Looking ahead to 2016, I’m prepared to embrace a very different holiday season than in years past. In July of 2015 I had my first child and while Christmas 2015 was definitely different – mainly due to lack of sleep – Christmas 2016 will require a whole new approach as I try to figure out how to decorate a tree that is toddler-proof. Is that even possible?

While the new wrinkle that this tiny person presents in my traditional decorating habits is slightly daunting, I am of course looking forward to having a fresh set of eyes delighting in the sparkle of Christmas lights. I am also already planning to add a Christmas tree to another room and dedicate it to a particular theme – perhaps a coastal theme to complement our beachside town.

Since I bring up the subject of themes, this issue is a juggernaut of them. Holiday merchants have long been fans of presenting items in coordinated groupings to best display the style. Suppliers too have found that this method of showcasing their wares provides inspiration and often drives more sales.

We take the opportunity in the following pages to shine a spotlight on the décor that will be shaping the seasonal marketplace in 2016. From micro to macro, these trends impact the greater holiday spectrum as retailers have more options than ever to choose from in order to create an eye-catching and engaging store. From fashion-forward to updated traditional and everything in between, holiday styles have proven to go far beyond just red and green. Within this cover story, vendors shared with us exclusive Look Book style pages that provide a sneak peek into specific themes that will be represented in their holiday showrooms.

From there, this issue of SCD addresses individual categories, including lighting, trees and ornaments in order to round out the full range of seasonal classifications. We asked vendors to report on their latest introductions, plus offer a high-level breakdown of trends impacting their respective sectors.

For practical issues concerning retailers, take a look at the Merchandising 101 article, “Yuletide Designs Drive Sales,” on page 22 to get insights on how to turn all those glorious themes into attractive displays. On page 50 learn some important steps to take regarding the point of sale, with tips on how to secure your POS against fraud.

Ultimately, the 2016 report on trends can be summed up as eclectic. Some styles will look familiar as designers reinvent popular looks that continue to trend upward and some will be the new kids on the block. I for one, will be particularly interested in shatterproof ornaments and anything that won’t pose a choking hazard to an inquisitive 1.5-year-old, but I will still want them to fit into my overall holiday aesthetic…maybe even that coastal Christmas theme I’ve been considering.

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