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Posted Date: 01/4/2016

Getting Festive With… David Tutera

A self-professed “Christmas fanatic,” David Tutera is renowned as an entertaining expert. Often hailed for bringing unique artistic vision to weddings and other celebratory events, Tutera has transformed his passion for event design into a comprehensive lifestyle business.

How do you celebrate the holidays?
I celebrate the holidays in the most traditional way, with my family. I usually take off from work for about a week, and try to spend as much time as possible with my mom, dad and my daughter, Cielo. I have a home in Connecticut and I usually like to spend Christmas there. It’s very quiet and relaxed — the perfect place to get away and enjoy quality time with my loved ones. In LA, we don’t get any snow, so it feels more like Christmas when I’m in Connecticut in the winter with (hopefully) some snowfall.

Do you throw or attend a holiday party?
I throw a holiday party every year. I love opening my home for the holidays and hosting the perfect Christmas fête. The thought of decorating my home and creating a festive feast gets me excited for this season!

How do you decorate your home?
Being that I’m a bit of Christmas fanatic, I actually begin decorating months in advance. I enjoy every second prepping my home for the holiday season, especially doing it alongside my daughter, it makes for great memories. As far as the décor, let’s just say I go all out when it comes to “decking the halls!” I do it all from wrapping garland embellished with lights and butterflies down the railings of my staircase and across my mantel, to creating DIY wreaths for my front door, to hanging stockings from the fireplace. I have poinsettias in my living room and around my home and I like to create a warm cozy atmosphere in my home with lots of candles. Lastly, I have multiple Christmas trees in different rooms of the house. Each tree has its own theme and memories that go along with it.

Do have a most treasured decoration?
One of the many trees that I have is a Disney tree. Every time I went to a Disney theme park, I collected an ornament and I have a tree designated for just that. I have collected so many throughout the years, that it is a treasured tradition to unpack the ornaments every year and remember the memories that go along with each one.

What is one of the most memorable gifts you’ve received?
My rescue dog Lucy. She was found scared, hungry and dirty walking on the side of a busy road in LA without any tags. We hung flyers, contacted local vets and shelters to see if someone was looking for her and after no response, I adopted her. Lucy was the one who really taught me what it was like to care for another living being and really prepared me for being a father.

What is your favorite tradition?
The year that Cielo was born, I bought her an all-white Christmas tree, decorated it with colorful lights, ribbons and included all of her “First Christmas” ornaments. Every year we decorate it together and add more and more ornaments that she has been given. I’m excited to continue this newer tradition with her.

What is your favorite holiday treat?
When I was little, my grandmother and I used to make homemade Christmas cookies together. I would be in charge of mixing the ingredients, she would bake them and then I would decorate them. As I get older, I realize that the memory of making cookies with my grandmother was the treat, not the cookies themselves.

Do you showcase any cards you receive?
I do! I have a tree dedicated to all of the meaningful holiday cards that I’ve received through the years. I punch a hole through the top corner of the card and loop some string or ribbon through. Then I hang the card on a branch and add more every year.

What are you excited about professionally this year?
I was excited to launch a few things that could help others host the perfect holiday party. I’ve expanded my invitation collection to now include invitations, cards and announcements with the holidays in mind with my “The David Tutera Holiday Collection” available at www.InvitationsByDawn.com. I’m also launching my “Sweet Celebrations Collection,” which is a collection of bakeware and food storage items. I recently launched a DIY craft magazine called “Crafting with David Tutera,” available on all JoAnn Fabric and craft store newsstands. Lastly, I’ve partnered with Thirstystone, and produced an Old Hollywood collection of serving pieces in hand chipped marble and burnished gold.

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