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Posted Date: 02/15/2016

Lanse Brown, Owner of Campfire Memories Has Died

Alanson “Lanse” Brown III passed away in January, leaving behind his wife of 29 years, Jamesetta (Jimmy) and two sons, Alanson and Reickert. Brown’s career began at First Boston, then Bear Stearns. While he loved the action of Wall Street, trips of entertainment introduced him to a greater love, Montana. It was in Kalispell, MT in 1972 that he purchased a Coca Cola bottling factory. This proved to be a smart business decision, as he went on to sell it in 1980 for a profit.

He went on to purchase a small factory in 1982 that made an incense product called Campfire Memories. The purchase price was $22,000. He tenaciously went on to rebuild this company and attend many trade shows to learn the marketplace and grow his company. Eventually, this resulted in sales that were in excess of $1 million.  

In Lanse’s own words, “consumer tastes changed at the same time that he developed esophageal cancer. He retired all of his business interests shortly therafter, in 2001.

For those that knew him, they know that 250 acres in Montana and 100 acres in Alabama allowed he and his wife their desired lifestyle – far from city life. Their greatest passion was their dogs. His life-long hobby was training his own Labradors and participating in national field trial competitions. Lanse qualified 112 of his dogs for national trials – he ran 56 Nationals and finished 15 of them (meaning in the top 5% of all contestant dogs). Three of his dogs are enshrined in the Retriever Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, TN. He personally was inducted into the same Hall of Fame in 2013.

He’ll be forever remembered for his tenacity, wit, energy and tireless efforts at all of his endeavors.  

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